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The Video Streaming Application

The video streaming system provides online broadcast of internal Altoros’s events. Simple interface, instant chat, and administration dashboard make up the main components of the project. Being primarily created for desktop machines, the application was soon migrated to mobiles. HTML5 was used for mobile browsers to make the system cross-platform.

The company needed a simple and effective tool for broadcasting various educating events. The system had to feature an administration dashboard and provide on-line streaming to both desktop machines and mobile devices.

The first version of the application had a peer-to-peer architecture and used the OpenTok service for video and chat implementation. However, this service did not support HTML5 streaming. Therefore, the team shifted to Wowza Media Server, which required more development efforts but allowed for video transcoding.

Dou to a peer-to-peer nature, the chat used sockets. However, some browsers didn’t support sockets and some firewalls blocked them, so the application could only run on some platforms. After the possible options were analyzed, the team decided to migrate a project to a new clientserver architecture. The server was created with PHP. This solution enabled the developers to replace the legacy sockets with a pull technology, so that a request was initiated by a client and then it was responded to by a server.

We also were to find one framework that would allow for creating a universal cross-platform HTML5 solution. It was rather complicated to do since different versions of mobile operating systems support different video standards. For instance, Android version >4.0 supports HTTP Live Streaming, while Android versions 2.1-4.0 can play Flash files.

The following technologies were used for a desktop version:

  • Wowza Media Server® for video streaming
  • PHP for implementation of a chat and administration dashboard

The list of technologies used for a mobile version:

  • Wowza Media Server® allowed for converting Flash streams into HTML5 (from Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) to HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).
  • PHP was used for chat implementation.

The video streaming system has been successfully used at a number of local events. The application enables people to take part in BarCamps or conferences even being miles away.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

Wowza media server, PHP

Client Platform/Application Server

Flex, HTML


Flex SDK, RTMP/HLS streaming, jQuery

Programming Language

ActionScript, JavaScript



Development Environment

Flash Builder, Eclipse

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