Sony Design Center Improves Productivity and Collaboration

The project is a digital content management platform that allows for storing digital assets, sharing them, retrieving and discussing. The platform also works as a knowledgebase that helps to retain knowledge inside the company.

Sony product design team, one of the most advanced global products engineering workforces in the world, is committed to innovating in fast-paced markets and to creating disruptive products and services that enable new lifestyles.

With ever-decreasing product release cycles, it became increasingly challenging for engineers to collaborate effectively using traditional tools such as email and corporate portals. In order to innovate effectively, the global product engineering team had to improve the way team members collaborated and communicated on a daily basis.

Sony engineering group needed an online publishing platform to store digital assets, and to easily share, retrieve, and discuss them with colleagues. The publishing platform could play the role of a knowledge base, which could help not only facilitate collaboration among team members, but also help to retain knowledge inside the company.

Sony Design Center had no unified platform to facilitate collaboration among 200 designers and engineers in Japan, England, Singapore, and the United States. End-users had to quickly and effectively exchange product ideas, digital pictures, drawings, concepts, objects themes, and opinions.

End-users demanded a tool that could work in much the same way as an online blog, where users publish articles and digital assets such as text, images, audio, and video artifacts. Decisionmakers asked Altoros to design and implement a scalable enterprise-level collaboration platform in under four months.

Altoros worked in close collaboration with Sony to lay out the design framework for the collaboration portal. The solution was a robust collaboration portal loaded with the latest Web 2.0 collaboration tools and technologies such as blogs and wikis.

Altoros recommended leveraging JSON over Ajax (JSON is a lightweight, XMLbased data interchange format). Two implementation options were recommended to Sony: Java and PHP; each had its own strengths and weaknesses. Finally, Java was selected for implementation.

Partnership with Altoros allowed Sony to improve productivity among its designers and engineers, to shorten product development cycles, and to focus in-house resources on core strategic business activities while Altoros manages the software product life cycle.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

Application Server



Java, Hibernate, AJAX, JSON, JSON RPC, Gzip

Programming Language



MySQL Server 5.0

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