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Next Generation Voice Mail System

The Next Generation Voice Mail System (NGVM) is a software solution that enables European mobile carriers to provide cutting-edge mobile services.

One of the leading European providers of messaging and mobility solutions for the telecommunications industry needed to redesign and add new functionality to their outdated voice mail system for mobile carriers. The new software had to minimize maintenance costs by supporting various programming and hardware platforms and also comply with a number of industry standards.

The Java development team had to develop the voice mail system with vast functionality from scratch. The previous solution could not be used as it was written in C++ and the customer required a Java-based product. The system modules had to be robust, stable, and reliable to conform to specific requirements of the telecommunications industry, such as high availability, scalability, and a possibility of dynamic configuration.

The NGVM framework was developed to serve as the foundation for building other system modules. These included:

  • The LI adapter and SPTP that retrieve information from the Voice Mail System’s logical components and forward it to the Delivery Function.
  • The SMPP adapter, which serves as a flexible communication gateway for transferring SMS between the Service Node of the Voice Mail Component and the Message Center.
  • The Statistics and Reporting Module that retrieves data written by other modules, calculates statistics according to certain rules, and generates reports in HTML, MS Excel, PDF, or .CSV formats.
  • The Media Converter that converts plain text and e-mail messages into TIFF images, a format widely used for facsimiles.
  • The THOR Dashboard, which is a set of Web pages for visualizing the system’s condition. The dashboard uses a SOAP client to retrieve data from the Statistics and Reporting Module.

In order for the system to conform to the telecommunications industry standards, the following solutions were offered:
High Availability: If services or applications cannot handle incoming messages, they report the failure to other services that can perform the same functions.
Scalability: If necessary, the functionality and performance of all services can be easily improved or extended. All modules were implemented a stateless. This enables concurrent processes because each module can be configured as several copies.
Configuration: The Java Spring configuration framework was implemented to enable static and dynamic configuration without a need to re-start the system.

NGVM enables Speech Design to deliver a cutting-edge telecommunications solution that greatly extends the range of services and possibilities available to the leading European mobile operators.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

Linux x86_64

Client Platform/Application Server

Tomcat 6.0, JRE 1.


J2EE 1.6, TCP/IP sockets, Spring 2.5, JDBC, iBatis 2.3, VoiceXML 2.0, JasperReports 3.0

Programming Language

Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML


MySQL 5.1 with InnoDB, NDB (cluster) engines

Database Design Tool

Sybase Power Designer 10

Modeling Tool

Enterprise Architect

Development Environment

IntelliJ IDEA 7

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