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Mobile Transportation Assistant

Mobile Transportation Assistant is installed on drivers’ Windows Phone 7 devices and assists them in their daily activities. The app enables the drivers to browse tasks, manage orders for shipment, report cargo damages occurred in transit, and confirm the delivery by digital signature. The application can be used for laying the optimal route to minimize the delivery time. Due to the built-in messenger, users can communicate directly from the application interface.

The customer provides logistics services for such industries as transportation, security companies, and emergency services. Planning the most efficient routes and being able to promptly exchange the information laid the basis of the application.

Altoros’s task was to re-design the application adding new functionality such as messaging, digital signature recognition, and enhanced GPS tracking. The new proof of delivery system would enable office workers to receive the confirmation of successful order fulfillment immediately, which improves the communication between the company and its customers. The application had to provide a user-friendly interface combined with an attractive and modern design.

The team had to fully utilize GPS capabilities of mobile devices and implement an algorithm that would enable laying optimal routes and tracking the precise position of the driver.

The customer wanted to set icons with information on points of drivers’ destination on the map. To accomplish this task, Altoros had to elaborate a solution that would enable modifying the existing maps.

Keeping in touch with all contacts while working with the application, was one of the primary goals that required careful analysis.

  • Altoros’s developers selected Windows Communication Foundation to exchange GPS data between mobile devices and the server, which provided stable location tracking.
  • Having analyzed maps customization for Windows Phone 7 devices, the team decided to use Map Control to create new layers that would contain icons with details about the objects. This will help drivers to receive some useful information about the customers’ locations marked on their route.
  • To implement the built-in messenger, Push Notification was used for signaling on a new incoming message and Windows Communication Foundation was implemented for providing messages transition.

Mobile Transportation Assistant helps drivers to lay optimal routes, report time and fuel expenses more accurately, and stay always in touch with colleagues in the office.

Technology Stack

Client Platform/Application Server

Windows Phone


Windows Phone 7 Toolkit, Background Agent, Bing Maps Control, Live Tile, Push Notification, WCF

Programming Language

C#, Silverlight for Windows Phone 7

Modeling Tool

MS Visio 2010

Development Environment

MS Visual Studio 2010

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