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Mobile Orders Tracker

Mobile Orders Tracker is designed for companies dealing with field workers and delivery. The application helps managers and office personnel to browse and manage information on the status of orders carried out by field workers and track the delivery of items shipped to customers.

The customer needed an application that would provide full control over the orders while staying in the office.

On one of the most important requirements was that the application had to exchange GPS data with the server part to display up-to-minute information on the location of the order executor whether it is a field worker or a delivery service worker. Apart from helping office workers to control the delivery process, Mobile Orders Tracker had to enable laying routes and provide additional information on the destinations selected on the map.

  • Caring about the employees who will deal with the application every day, the customer requested that the interface of the application be intuitively simple. To achieve this goal even for the maps, it was decided to add custom layers to the default maps, which would display the icons with the information on customers and target companies on the selected route.
  • New architecture design had to cover all event management tasks and provide options for future updates and extensions.
  • The customer needed a unique design of the application. Windows Phone SDK already contains some default styles that can be easily applied to an application, but the customer requested a more individual design and the team had to find a solution that would enable creating new elements using default features.
  • To ensure tracking orders on their way to customers, an application had to provide integration with the built-in GPS module of mobile devices.

After having investigated the issue of working with maps on Windows Phone 7 devices, the team used Map Control which enabled binding new objects with the map. As the result, users of the application can see the details on the served customers and companies right on the map.

Windows Phone 7 SDK does not provide broad capabilities for making changes in the UI design. To meet the customer’s requirements, the team used Windows Phone 7 Toolkit, which enabled creating new styles.

Windows Communication Foundation was used to build the connection between the client and the server part of the application, which made it possible to precisely track the user’s location live.

Push Notification and Background Agent helped to improve user experience. Once a task has been assigned to a particular executor, a user gets a notification, which relieved them of the necessity to constantly monitor the tasks dashboard manually.

Our customer has managed to improve the company’s transportation and delivery system using the cutting-edge mobile technologies. The location tracking system and relevant notifications helped the company to enhance their working efficiency and use labor force more productively.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

MS Windows Server 2008 R2

Client Platform/Application Server

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Phone 7


.NET Framework 3.5, WPF, WCF, WinForms, GPS API, Windows Phone 7 Toolkit, Push Notification, Compact SQL, Background Agent, Bing Maps Control

Programming Language

C#, Silverlight for Windows Phone 7

Modeling Tool

MS Visio 2010

Development Environment

MS Visual Studio 2010

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