The message transmission system for telecommunications

The project is an updated Java application that allows for transmission of data between the mobile phone number database and several mobile services. The system enables mobile number portability, which refers to the ability of mobile telephone users to retain their existing phone numbers when changing from one mobile phone operator to another.

Founded in 2001, the customer offers networking/system development and integration services to finance, banking, and telecommunications companies. The outdated architecture of the legacy telecom system could not satisfy the requirements of a large mobile phone operator. So, the company addressed Altoros to update their telecom solution.

First, the customer wanted to automate and synchronize their internal mobile switching centers, SMS, mobile carrier, intelligent network, and other internal services with the nation-wide phone number portability database.

Second, the code structure of the application was outdated with the poor architecture, which created obstacles in adding new modules, integration, and testing. Therefore, the customer also decided to conduct refactoring of the existing code.

The Altoros team had to redesign the legacy system so that the added functionality would not conflict with the internal system and the behavior of the existing system would be retained.

  • The complex architecture of the application was outdated, which could require additional development efforts and bug fixing.
  • Altoros had to make sure a solution would be compatible with the existing base transceiver station, since a customer was not going to build network facilities from scratch. However, since the legacy system was designed for a different geographical region, some standards and a set of commands were different from those required now.
  • Since the system employed both Oracle and Sybase databases, a standardized Data Access Object (DAO) was required.
  • Primarily, the project interacted with a database using FOCUS queries. To keep to the latest technologies and increase performance of the software product, we had to update the requests using Hibernate.

Each part of the system (one part for one service) was re-written so that the system enabled to automatically maintain the transmission of messages between the nation-wide portability database and a variety of customer’s internal mobile services. The team conducted the refactoring of the code, which facilitated better performance and scalability of the complex architecture.

Since the application was originally programmed using Java, the selected technologies included the Spring Framework and Hibernate.

The software product developed by Altoros enabled the customer to employ the infrastructure of another telecommunications hardware provider, which was less costly and significantly reduced time-to-market. The new transmission system is very flexible and its architecture provides for future updates.

Technology Stack

Server Platform



Spring Framework, Hibernate, Log4J, XML

Programming Language



Oracle, Sybase

Development Environment

Maven, Sparx Enterprise Architect, IntelliJ IDEA 9.0, Oracle SQL Developer

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