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Logistics and Delivery Service Application for Mobile Devices

The project is a mobile module of a logistics/delivery service application. It enables drivers to receive and create orders, check cargos assigned for delivery, register damages that occurred in transit, and get proof of delivery using digital signature capture. The application also supports text messaging as well as navigation with route finding functionality.

The customer is a supplier of logistics systems for transportation, emergency services, and security companies. The company needed an updated and enhanced version of an existing logistics/delivery service solution. While the customer’s in-house development team was working on the server module of the application, the Altoros team was hired to re-design the outdated module for mobile devices that would help drivers complete their tasks in a more efficient manner.

The module was to have a user-friendly interface, support text messaging as well as navigation with route finding functions. The customer also wanted a proof of delivery system to be built into the mobile module, so that drivers and couriers could send immediate proofs of delivery to the staff at the office.

Though it was going to be a new version of an existing application, many things had to be created from scratch. The team of Windows Mobile developers also had to ensure that all the modules, including the text messaging and proof of delivery parts, work together smoothly.

Client/Server Communication with possibility of remote configuration of the Client and the customer’s automated software were among the main challenges. Implementing and adjusting third-party solutions used in the project was another difficult task. Apart from that, the application was to have a simple interface that could satisfy the requirements of mobile device users.

The Altoros team suggested using third-party solutions to significantly reduce time-to-market and solve some of the existing issues. Client/Server communication with possibility of remote configuration of the Client was implemented with the help of the PreCom Service Edition, which also solved the issue with automated software updates. Another third-party solution was used for navigation.

New Client and Server parts of the Messaging Module were created for sending and receiving text messages.

The Proof of Delivery solution based on digital signature capture technology was built into the main Trip Module. The Trip Module itself received a new user-friendly interface.

The application helps logistics companies carry out their daily operations in a more efficient manner. Drivers can receive and create orders, check cargos assigned for delivery, and register damages that occur in transit by scanning barcodes on delivery packages. Operators at the office have more control over shipments thanks to improved communication with the drivers.

Proof of delivery with digital signature capture greatly reduces the amount of paper work for both logistics companies and their clients.

Thanks to the implemented technologies and solutions, the application features smooth performance in combination with flexibility and can be easily adjusted to the needs of security companies.

Technology Stack

Client Platform/Application Server

Windows Mobile 6.5


PocketMobile PreCom, CF 3.5, Resco Windows Form Mobile Toolkit, Sygic navigation system

Programming Language



SQL CE, SQL 2008-R2

Database Design Tool

MS SQL Server Management Studio

Modeling Tool

MS Visual Studio 2008

Development Environment

MS Visual Studio 2008

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