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Flush Mount Albums Editor

This application helps professional photo studios create and edit flush mount albums. It enables different users to edit photos and assemble them into pages. Raw images can be converted into flush mount album pages ready for printing.

The editor offers various tools and effects, including frames, borders, shadows, etc. Photo albums can be synchronized with the Amazon S3 server side storage for sharing.

The customer wanted to offer an innovative software-as-a-service product to photography professionals. The company turned to Altoros to build software that would make it possible for photo studios to edit their customer’s image collections and generate album pages ready for printing.

After Altoros started working on the project, the initial requirements changed. The customer decided to add more features for efficient collaboration with the customers. Each page had to be approved by the photo studio team and then by the customer before it could be printed. This meant that the application was to allow for submitting, sharing, and approving photo collections.

Altoros faced a number of challenges when working on this project.

  • The app had to deal with a large number of high resolution photos. This is why it was decided that the system would process images in a sequence rather than simultaneously to ensure smooth performance.
  • There are a number of known issues with memory management in Adobe Air applications. The team had to find a way to clear the memory of inactive objects, so that they do not affect the overall performance of the system.
  • The application had to support both Exif and XMP tags as different graphic software stores metadata of images in different formats.
  • The team selected appropriate libraries to optimize the application’s performance. We also did profiling and performance testing to determine the processes that require most resources. As the result, the software shows smooth performance when processing multiple high resolution images.
  • To solve the memory management issue, our Flex development team customized the Garbage Collection (GC) to frequently check the memory for objects that are no longer needed. This helps reclaim a considerable amount of memory and the app works times faster.
  • The team found tools that enable the application to read XMP and also customized the library for reading Exif. Now the application can read dates, ratings, and resolutions from metadata in both XMP and Exif formats. If the software ever needs to read more tags, this functionality may be extended at any time.

The software enables photographers and their customers to efficiently collaborate on creating flush mount albums. The customer introduced a cutting-edge product that provides photo studios with a possibility to offer competitive services to their customers.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

Python, Django

Client Platform/Application Server

Adobe AIR Application


PyAmf3, Flash Remoting


Parsley, Cairngorm 3, Adobe AIR 2.7, Adobe Flash Builder 4

Programming Language

ActionScript 3

Development Environment

Flash Builder 4

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