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Bar Code Reading and Validating Application

The application reads bar codes on membership cards to provide card holders with a possibility to order additional services. The application consists of a mobile client installed on Windows Mobile devices and a Web part installed on the server that manages data received from these devices.

The customer offers solutions for coupons, tickets, membership cards, and boarding passes by handling and validating mobile barcodes.

The company needed the solution that would read the bar code utilizing the software installed on Windows Mobile devices, validate it on the server checking the database, and enable customers to order additional services via Windows Mobile devices.

The Web part of the application should allow managing and monitoring mobile devices. The operator has to be able to view the list of the devices, change their configuration, add/ manage administrators, etc.

The customer did not provide a technical specification. Plus, there were communication issues.

The Altoros team of Windows Mobile developers worked out the technical specification documents, designed the architecture, and developed the solution. The customer approved the application at once.

Altoros helped the company to shorten time-to-market and lower development costs greatly. The company can now offer an innovative solution to attract new customers.

Technology Stack

Client Platform/Application Server

Windows CE 5.0


Compact Framework 3.5, WinForms, WebService, MVP

Programming Language



MS SQL 2005

Database Design Tool

SQL Server Management Studio

Development Environment

Visual Studio 2008

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