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Autodesk Accelerates Time-to-Profitability for Its Buzzsaw™ Users

Autodesk leveraged Altoros’s product engineering and lifecycle management expertise to develop the Buzzsaw™ Bid Manager™ to shorten implementation cycles, reduce Total Cost of Ownership and keep key people focused on innovation.

With seven million users and 4,810 employees worldwide, Autodesk is the world’s leading software company for the building, manufacturing, infrastructure, digital media and wireless data services fields. Autodesk Buzzsaw helps builders, owners, architects, engineers and other building professionals boost productivity, better manage costs, reduce expenses, and improve the accuracy of communication.

Autodesk wanted to quickly enable its customers with the ability facilitate and manage the procurement and bidding process. Autodesk has partnered with Altoros to develop and maintain the Buzzsaw™ Bid Manager™.

Altoros faced several challenges, both business and technical:

  • Autodesk wanted to receive a first Release Candidate as fast as in 3 months
  • Bidding process should be userfriendly to suppliers and should not require installation of any software
  • System should have a powerful analytical module which is not reasonable to implement using API
  • System should allow out-of-the-box integration with JD Edwards ERP
  • Autodesk wanted Altoros to provide a complete set of Quality Assurance and Testing services

Altoros screened, selected and assigned a team of certified Microsoft .NET developers who worked from Altoros’s Eastern European development center based in Minsk, Belarus.

Microsoft .NET WinForm was selected as a platform for the application development. Autodesk and Altoros developed an enterprise-level scalable architecture for the Buzzsaw™ Bid Manager™. Major capabilities of the application include:

  • RFI/RFQ Management
  • Bid Management
  • Submittal Packages
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Out-of-the-box integration with JD Edwards
  • Automatic WebDAV-driven file transmittal from vendors to Buzzsaw
  • Automatic Form Processing
  • Application downloads the forms and processes the forms
  • Bid Analysis Reports

The market traction of the product has exceeded Autodesk’s expectations. By streamlining the management of procurement across each stage in the project lifecycle, Altoros enabled Autodesk to optimize performance and accelerate time-to-profitability for Buzzsaw™ users.

Customer Speaks

“Now we can quickly and easily solicit, track and administer bids needed to construct new homes in a much more efficient manner than before”, said Kevin Tovar, VP of National Purchasing Systems at Lennar Homes, Buzzsaw™ Bid Manager™ user.

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